Tuina acupressure, is pronounced twee naa and literally translates as push and grasp. It is a massage method based on principals of Chinese medicine. This treatment method was developed around the concept of  “qi” or internal energy. Central to this idea, is that proper function of the qi mechanism is the source of health and, conversely, disharmony of the qi is the root of all disease.

“Tuina” can help restore harmony to the “qi” in the same manner as acupuncture or herbal medicines.

The adage, “There is no sickness other than stagnation and there are no cures other than movement.”, is wise indeed.

I offer both chair and table tuina acupressure massage.

Chair Massage

If your stressed out, or your neck and back have been aching, a 15 minute chair massage can provide quick results.

Tuina acupressure done in a massage chair doesn’t require undressing and no massage oils are employed.
It’s a quick and economical investment in your well being.
This style of massage is ideal for people who have lifestyle induced muscular stress and strain.
Table Massage
A table massage is the best choice when you require more extensive work or have problem areas which are challenging to access in a massage chair (i.e. hips, legs, feet).
Table massages are longer in duration, as more body parts are worked on, but it is time well spent. The extra time allows for additional helpful points to be included in the massage and an increase in the duration that the points are stimulated.
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