Chinese Internal Martial Arts

Sean Gibbons is an instructor of the Chinese neijia (internal) martial art taijiquan (tai chi chuan) and qigong (chi kung) therapeutic exercises.


Sean began studying neijia in 1987 and has had the good fortune to learn from many excellent teachers including

Master Yu Chen Hsiang, Master Yang Fukui and Sifu Lawrence Galante.

Sean continues his personal development under the guidance of Sifu Adam Mizner.

Sean has taught taijiquan and qigong for Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and the YMCA,

YWCA, City of NY Rec Center, N.Y.U. Dept of Cont. Ed. and Eastern Athletic Sports Clubs.




Sean Gibbons has been awarded first place at numerous national level martial arts competitions.

In 2000, he was nominated “Internal Competitor of the Year” by the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation.


In 2017 Sean opened Beacon Tai Chi to foster the art of taijiquan in the

Hudson Valley of NY.


In 2018 Sean and Jenn Gibbons opened a wellness facility in Beacon NY

offering tuina acupressure, acupuncture and classes in martial arts.

Functional Alternative • 508 Main St Beacon NY



Beacon Tai Chi @ Functional Alternative

Private or semi-private classes are available.


Tai Chi Group Class

Monday  7:30pm

Sunday  12:30pm


Youth Tai Chi Group Class

Monday  4pm

Friday  4pm



For more information email

or call Sean @ 845-670-4514.